The Future Of E Cigs

The future of e-cigarette

Electronics cigarettes could be the way to save millions of smokers from dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes. They can also save millions of non-smokers from becoming addicted by nicotine. On the face value, e-cigarettes appear to have a future but there are always questions among consumers and policy makers whether they are useful aid to quit smoking or a health problem that would require tight regulation. Lets not even mention what they can help you save in money. They are cheaper to begin with and on top of that you can use e cigarette coupon codes to save additional money online; we like the V2 Cigs coupon codes.

Since their inception less than a decade ago, electronic cigarettes are now a multibillion dollar industry. There are scores of other products used to help smoker to quit smoking but electronic cigarettes have heating element that vaporizes liquid containing nicotine that is inhaled like cigarette smoke.

E-cigarettes have also some dangers something that triggered regulatory bodies in areas such as Europe and United States to start finding ways of regulating their consumption.

Due to minimal research that has been done on effects of electronic cigarettes, a move to regulate them, is not backed by solid scientific grounding. It is widely accepted that e-cigarettes are safer devices than conventional cigarettes and again cheaper with electronic cigarette coupon codes like the V2 coupons – which can also be used to get the top vapor pen for a cheaper price. There are some studies by FDA in collaboration with research consultancies that showed some brands of e-cigarettes contain carcinogens-nitrosamines and diethylene gycol among other harmful chemicals.

When electronic cigarettes are used moderately, the nicotine doses consumed are lower than what is found in common cigarettes. Although the electronic cigarettes are smoke free, it contains nicotine which is known to cause palpitations and high blood pressure. It is also highly addictive. There is little information on whether vapor released by e-cigarette has long term effects.

There are many health experts who think that e-cigarettes are the biggest hope and solution to stopping the epidemic of tobacco cigarettes – as any electronic cigarette review will tell you. Although the electronic cigarettes are not subjected to smoking bans instituted on tobacco products, there are still places where they are regulated or totally disallowed. The free use of electronic devices is subject to regulations by:

Local authorities

Some local authorities such as states, cities, towns and counties have statutory right to prohibit or permit specified activities with their areas of jurisdiction. In many cases, this requires the managing committee to take a vote. Although electronic cigarettes are not subject to smoking ban as they are not within legal definition of cigarette smoking, local authorities can still bypass this and affect their bylaws to ban use of devices in certain areas. Bylaws are easy to pass as they do not require validation by the national governments.

Local authorities have drawn power from bylaws to prohibit certain activities within public buildings, public spaces, public property and residential property. These activities can include the use of electronic cigarettes. In addition, local authorities still have powers to ban sale of specific goods within its borders. Local authority committees that are not impressed by e-cigarettes can therefore use bylaws to curtail them.

Property owners

Property owners normally have legal rights to prohibit specific activities on their properties both in doors and out doors. Property owners also have permit from local authorities to allow or ban activities covered by law. As a result, there are some bar, club and restaurant owners who permit the use of e-cigarette within their properties while others prohibit it.

Transporters and airlines

Transport contractors can establish regulations that are applicable to their planes or vehicles. Some of the airlines prohibit passengers or crew from using electronic cigarettes while others permit it. There are some that sell their e-cigarettes products in-flight. If you are attending a flight that allows them, get V2 Cigs coupon codes online for the best deal.


Depending on their view about electronic cigarette, some employers permit or encourage their use while others prohibit employees from using it within the places of work.


US Department of Transport (DOT) attempted a prohibition process that would have been applicable to all airlines in United States. However, DOT quietly dropped the process after realizing that there will be major legal obstacles as vaping cannot be classed as smoking even through clever bending of law. The collective ban on US airlines is now unclear as DOT like it is with government agencies at any place did not announce whether an initiative has failed unless required to do this by a court order.

There are big companies that have piled into markets worldwide but regulators are unable are unable to keep up partly because the chemicals that are used in electronic cigarettes are quite a variety. There are a number of countries such as Brazil and Norway that have banned e-cigarette products. In United States, the regulation is only applied if the electronic cigarettes are marketed as s smoking quitting aid.

Why Use Merchant Cash Advances


All businessmen whether small or large scale can have something to smile about when there is security in their business as well as steady cash flow. A business has to pass through different stages before it eventually picks up and this is the reason why a merchant cash advance is handy to all potential entrepreneurs or for those who are already in business; what business cash advance lenders are perfect for.

Starting a business is not a problem; what makes the difference is the approach the businessman will take in the case of urgent emergencies which in most cases have no warnings. He has to be fully prepared for all this, irrespective of time and place

Merchant cash advances are simply business loans for small scale traders which are refundable in a period of 8 months. In this case, the businessman is funded by these companies after which clearance will be done through the credit card income on daily basis. This is normally done by a processor who is directly in charge of settling the payments.   They are slightly different from the normal bank loans since the companies claim to be selling a portion of the future credit card.  With this reason, these companies behave in a way that is not in accordance with the laws that govern money lenders and consequently, no one can control them over high level of interests they charge on their clients.  Unlike other loans, they are processed much faster and the flexibility of the merchant’s cash flow depends on the volume of the sales which gives him enough control over the whole process.

The duration for the loan repayment ranges from 3-18 months and the payments can be done daily depending on the length of the loan maturity.  People who normally benefit from these services are the retailers who do not qualify for the normal bank loans due to some reasons.  There are a variety of reasons while people opt for these services. One of them being that it’s fast.

The processing of these loans by merchant cash advance lenders online takes place within 24 hours from the time of application. It does not also involve a lot of paperwork like in the case of bank loans. In addition, it does not need a lot of lengthy stages like getting to know the financial security of your business before giving you the loan.

It is also worth noting that cash advances are convenient as one can access the company online or make a personal visit. Most people who have used this mode of transaction describe it as friendly and like a relief since it can help them save their business at its bottom level. Once one has a good reputation record, he can access these services as much as he wants without involving the third parties like in the case of a bank loan.

In reality, a merchant cash advance increases the performance duty of the businessman compared to how he would have conducted it on other occasions, especially when there is a slow season and the merchant has the responsibility of regulating the flow of cash in the business.

Bank defaulters may opt for this system though there are also some drawbacks that come with this system. One of them being that these companies do not have any government laws that forbid lenders from charging high interest loans and they can take this as an opportunity to take advantage from their clients which can adversely affect the growth of the business in future.  The merchants may incur double loss if they are struck with a natural misfortune like fire or floods and this means their business will collapse.

There is also an emerging argument, that cash advances are just like other kinds of ‘scammers’ and the reality of this fact is yet to be known.  People who want to access these loans need to be careful and take precautions in order to make sure they get in touch with companies that are fully registered and licensed by the government.

All the same, cash advances bought tremendous changes in today’s economy and the standards of living for many people have been improved. It has also created room for innovation which will eventually lead to greater financial prospects.  Businessmen need to be ready to embrace the changing technology and adopt workable systems that will transform the outlook of their business. Cash advances are just among the many  strategies that have been put forward to help and raise the dreams of many businessmen who want to grow and establish.